Remote Support

Have you found that you often run into computer problems that impact your ability to get work done, but are too small to warrant an on-site visit? Do you have questions about how to improve your workflow that only come to mind when you're in the middle of that task? A few minutes of remote support can often take the place of a more expensive on-site visit.

We also offer phone and screen sharing support. To receive remote screen sharing support, download and launch Schnitz Remote, then click connect. Your screen will pop up on mine and I'll be able to remotely see your screen and control your cursor until you click the disconnect button. Telephone and screen sharing support is billed in 15 minute increments.

Most remote access software allows the technician to connect to your computer at any time. With Schnitz Remote, all connections are initiated from your computer and they only remain active until you click disconnect. It's not possible for us (or anybody) to connect unless you initiate the connection.

Software such as TeamViewer and LogMeIn require the use of an intermediary server hosted by a third party. We run our own server, requiring no intermediary.